Pre-Order Products

Pre-Order products are Product Pages for listing of your upcoming products. These products are crucial as they will help you get product validation before you start building the product. List your Pre-Order Products, share the links with your community and collect SignUps/Emails. Build your database of customers interested in various products you offer. Sell them these products on your Karmola Smart Profile as bulk when they are live OR as a Private Access Product(expiring product page link for one time use). See examples on below link;

How It Works?

To have your Pre-Order Product listed on our Shop and for you to collect leads;

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Receive an email with your live Pre-Order Product link in it.
  3. Start sharing your Pre-Order Product Page with your crowd and collect emails.
  4. Receive an email End Of Month for list of emails signed up to your product.