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Japanese Digital Creator Discovery

Unlock the secrets of digital content creation in Japan! Join our “Digital Creator Discovery” offline event. Learn from a seasoned guest, unraveling the path to success. Submit your email for a chance to delve into the world of digital creation. Limited spots – kickstart your journey now!


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of digital content creation in Japan at our “Digital Creator Discovery” offline event. Tailored for aspiring creators, this gathering offers insights, knowledge, and practical tips from a seasoned guest, answering key questions about the world of digital content creation.


Event Highlights:

  1. In-Depth Exploration: Dive into the world of digital content creation as our guest expert discusses various aspects, answering questions like “How do digital creators earn money?” and “What platforms do digital creators commonly use?”
  2. Technical Skills Demystified: Learn about the essential technical skills required to thrive as a digital creator, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the tools and knowledge needed.
  3. Audience Engagement Strategies: Explore effective ways digital creators engage with their audience, unraveling the secrets of building a loyal and supportive community.


  • Path to Monetization: Gain insights into how digital creators earn money and transform their passion into a sustainable career.
  • Skill Development: Understand the technical skills required for digital content creation, empowering you to navigate the digital landscape confidently.
  • Audience Connection: Learn proven strategies for engaging with your audience and building a meaningful online community.

Key Questions to be Addressed:

  1. How do digital creators earn money?
  2. What are the technical skills required to become a digital creator?
  3. How do digital creators engage with their audience?
  4. What platforms do digital creators commonly use?
  5. What is a digital creator?

How It Works:

  1. Click “Submit Email” for a chance to purchase your ticket and secure your spot.
  2. If selected, receive a purchase link for the offline event.
  3. Purchase your ticket, unlock the secrets of digital content creation, and kickstart your journey as a digital creator.

Event Details:

  • Date & Time: Stay tuned for updates after your successful submission.
  • Location: To be disclosed to selected participants for an immersive digital creation experience.
  • Capacity: Limited spots available for an up-close and personal exploration of the digital creator’s world.


  • Submission: Click “Submit Email” to express your interest and enter the selection pool.
  • Curiosity: Come prepared to explore the world of digital content creation and ask your burning questions.

Digital Connections: Connect with Digital Creators

Connect with fellow aspiring digital creators and potential collaborators in the digital realm. Explore a world of digital content, strategies, and opportunities waiting to be uncovered. Discover below some of the top creators from Japan;

  1. Akasan: A comics and anime reviewer at Comics Plus! who plans to expand to other platforms like Twitch and YouTube.
  2. Ebunnybee: A singer, voice actress, and Twitch streamer prioritizing social life and mental health while creating quality content, exploring live interactive exchanges on platforms like TikTok Live, Twitch, and YouTube streaming
  3. Gigguk: An anime YouTuber and podcast host who experienced growth and change in 2023, aiming to enhance production quality, upload frequency, and engage with a broader audience in 2024
  4. Bayashi TV: The most subscribed Japanese YouTuber known for food and Japanese cuisine content, offering a variety of videos including vlogs, comedy, challenges, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers


Digital Ventures: Shape the Future of Digital Creation Beyond the Event

Transform your digital creation connections into innovative digital products. From virtual creator collaboration platforms to online content creation workshops, join us in shaping the future of digital creation experiences. Explore digital ventures like online creator communities, skill-sharing platforms, and content collaboration networks. Discover below a few Digital Products on this topic;

  1. PDF – “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Content Creation”
    • An ebook that covers the entire process of digital content creation, from ideation to distribution.
    • Include tips on content planning, storytelling, audience engagement, and monetization strategies.
    • Offer practical examples, case studies, and actionable steps for content creators.
  2. Video – “Digital Content Masterclass”
    • An online video course that provides in-depth lessons on various aspects of content creation.
    • Cover topics like video editing, scriptwriting, visual storytelling, and optimizing content for different platforms.
    • Include practical demonstrations, industry insights, and interactive assignments.
  3. LiveStream – “Content Creator Bootcamp”
    • Hosting live workshops covering specific skills and challenges faced by content creators.
    • Offer sessions on audience growth, collaboration strategies, and staying creative in a competitive landscape.
    • Provide opportunities for Q&A, peer networking, and real-time feedback on participants’ work.
  4. 1 On 1 Sessions – “Personalized Content Coaching”
    • Offering one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to individual content creators.
    • Provide personalized feedback on their content, channel strategy, and ways to enhance engagement.
    • Include discussions on niche selection, branding, and long-term content planning.
  5. Mobile App – “Content Creator Toolbox”
    • Developing a mobile app that provides content creators with essential tools and resources.
    • Include features like photo and video editing tools, copyright-free music libraries, and analytics dashboards.
    • Offer a community section for content creators to share tips, collaborate, and seek advice.
  6. Membership/Subsription – SaaS Product – “Content Calendar Pro”
    • Building a SaaS product designed for planning and scheduling content across multiple platforms.
    • Include features like a drag-and-drop calendar, analytics integration, and collaboration tools for teams.
    • Provide templates and guides for effective content planning and distribution.
  7. Digital Download – Content Planning Excel Calendar:
    • An Excel template for planning content across different platforms.
    • Include sections for content ideas, publication dates, and target audiences.
  8. Notion Template – Overview Dashboard:
    • A visually appealing dashboard providing an instant snapshot of your social media performance.
    • Quick access to key metrics, including total followers, likes, shares, and comments.

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